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This is an upgrade from the previous CN-Series LED kit many of you have grown to love for its amazing light output and affordability. The CN-Series was remodeled and renamed the SP2 for a couple of reasons.

1. To reduce its size to accommodate vehicles with less room under the hood. The previous CN-Series had an average length of 3-5/16" (depending on the size), while Version 2 has an average length of 2.75"

2. The SP2 is a higher quality product and has shown a lower defective rate. Best of all, we managed to offer you all this without changing the price!

As far as the light output and color is concerned, it's the exact same.

Wattage: 72W
White Light: 8,000 lumens
Temperature: 6000k
Operating Life: >30,000hrs
Chip: COB
Dual Beam Applicable: Yes
Can-bus: No
Warranty: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
Length: 3-5/16
The SP2 LED kit is the perfect LED light for a daily driver, and at 8,000 lumens, it is bright enough for those who live in rural areas. The type of the COB that is used can withstand a higher temperature of heat without getting damaged. It is using a BridgeLux COB LED chip which runs at a lower temperature and reduces the risk of over heating.

Being a one piece design, installation of the SP2 kit is rather simple. Just remove the existing bulb and re-install the SP2 the same way the old one came out. It has OEM connectors which are designed to fit the factory socket plug without any modification. Installation difficulty will vary per vehicle; as in some vehicles access to the bulb housings are not as straight forward as others. Once installed, the CN will keep cool with aid by the built in turbo cooling fan.


The SP2 kits do not have built in capacitors to eliminate flickering or error codes that accompany some vehicles after installing an aftermarket lighting system. Therefore, if you own any of the following vehicles, we do recommend you also purchase our C-Series LED Decoder alongside it. Otherwise, they may potentially flicker.

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagen.

More info on decoders here


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Yuriy Knyshev
Outstanding Customer Service

The company provided great product with outstanding customer service. I would definitely buy from them again.

David Torres
Bright light

These are better then the original bulbs i love them.

Christopher Burnett
Super bright!

These lights are very well worth the money. I have no problem seeing at night anymore; whether it’s wet roads, or roads with no street lights, they light up the road no problem. Next vehicle I own will have these lights!

edwin ortiz
Good but

The CN I had where brighter and whiter

Kevin Mays
LED Lights for My subaru work fantastically

I love these lights. They're a big upgrade from standard halogens to LEDs. I can actually see the road and more!