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One relay covers one HID kit (passenger and driver side)

Some vehicles electrical system may require a relay harness to cars with very small gauge wiring that cannot supply the initial surge current required to light the bulbs reliably. It may help resolve potential flickering issues or lights not turning on when connected to the HID kit. Symptoms indicating the relay harness is required would be intermittent starting or lights going out after being turned on for several minutes and requiring you to turn the lights off and back on for them to turn back on again. The relay harness basically helps regulate the power and keep the lights on when turned to the on switch.

Maximum of 55w power support.

Black Negative wire, Red Positive wire.

Draws power from the battery, and not the vehicle's electrical system.

Guaranteed not to short your vehicle.

Poly-synthetic wire cover to prevent damage from excessive heat.

Extra long wires and wire ties for a clean installation

Rams are one of the most common vehicles that tend to need a relay harness when installing an aftermarket HID kit.

Customer Reviews

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Irwynd Barragan
Great Relay System

This is a really great relay harness it's very easy to install. I did not have any issue. I would also recommend you using a relay harness when using a lot of power.

Adam Uribe
Great business

Answered my emails quickly and the transaction was easy.

Jordan Kerr
Good product

Very Good product