NS-Series Fanless LED Kit (Clearance)

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The NS-Series LED kit boasts a massive 8,000 lumens; making it a fantastic choice for those who live in rural areas or need maximum light output. What makes the NS-Series unique is the 2-sided dual beam design, which helps increase beam output when on high beam (if applicable). As well as the fan-less design, so it takes up less real estate, about 1/4" shorter than most other LED's. Some vehicles hardly have any room behind the light bulb entrance, so a shorter LED is the best fit. The NS-Series LED's have been in production for a long time now in an attempt to make them the perfect LED. They have been extensively tested and the tests show no current drop nor does the light get dimmer after many hours of usage.

Other benefits of going fan-less are a:

- Noiseless Operation
- Longer Lifespan
- Maintenance Free

The NS-Series provides great peripheral vision due to the 2-sided design, as you can see from the wide beam.

Wattage: 40W
White Light: 8,000 lumens
Temperature: 6000k
Operating Life: >30,000hrs
Chip: CSP Y19
Dual Beam Applicable: Yes
Can-bus: No
Warranty: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
Length: 3-1/8

2 sided LED kits help reduce glares that blinds oncoming traffic. While at the same time providing a perfect beam pattern that can give you the distance which will allow you to see the road ahead in both projector and reflector housings.

Being a one piece design, installation of the NS-Series kit is rather simple. Just remove the existing bulb and re-install the NS-Series the same way the old one came out. It has OEM connectors which are designed to fit the factory socket plug without any modification. Installation difficulty will vary per vehicle; as in some vehicles access to the bulb housings are not as straight forward as others. Once installed, the NS-Series will stay cool via the grooved aluminum alloy heat dissipation design, which will also ensure a longer lifespan and reliability.

The new CSP chip in the NS-Series LED kit can withstand higher temperatures than the previous CSP chip designs.


The NS-Series LED kits do not have built in capacitors to eliminate flickering or error codes that accompany some vehicles after installing an aftermarket lighting system. Therefore, if you own any of the following vehicles, we do recommend you also purchase our C-Series LED Decoder along with the NS. Otherwise, they may potentially flicker.

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagon.

In Ram trucks, resistors may be needed so the LED's consume more power and replicate factory power consumption to keep the lights on.

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Mark Bornemann

NS-Series Fanless LED Kit

Yesica Coronado
Good light

These lights are awesome. I live in the city and the light are not that bright but there bright enough. I roccomend these if you are looking for a not so bright light, they will get the job done.