KN-Series CSP LED Kit (Clearance)

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This kit is being discontinued, hence the discounted price. As a result, any orders of this item beginning June 10th, 2019, are no longer covered under warranty. No exceptions.

The KN kit is the perfect choice for a daily driver. With 8,000 lumens, it is bright enough for those who live in rural areas. KN is using a Made in Korea Seoul CSP LED chip. The KN CSP chip is a very high quality made LED which produces a sharper output than the CN kit. The best way to think about the KN and CN are that the CN would be a DVD and KN would be a BluRay.

Wattage: 72W
White Light: 8,000 lumens
Temperature: 6000k
Operating Life: >30,000hrs
Chip: CSP
Dual Beam Applicable: Yes
Can-bus: No
Water Proof: Yes
Length: 3-5/16

Ultimately, whether you choose the CN and KN comes down to how much you want to spend. Are the few extra dollars the KN costs over the CN worth it? We think so. But the CN LED is not a bad choice at all.

Being a one piece design, installation of the KN kit is rather simple. Just remove the existing bulb and re-install the KN the same way the old one came out. It has OEM connectors which are designed to fit the factory socket plug without any modification. Installation difficulty will vary per vehicle; as in some vehicles access to the bulb housings are not as straight forward as others. Once installed, the KN will keep cool with aid by the built in turbo cooling fan.


The KN kits do not have built in capacitors to eliminate flickering or error codes that accompany some vehicles after installing an aftermarket lighting system. Therefore, if you own any of the following vehicles, we do recommend you also purchase our C-Series LED Decoder along with the KN. Otherwise, they may potentially flicker.

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagon.

In Ram trucks, resistors may be needed so the LED's consume more power and replicate factory power consumption to keep the lights on.

Customer Reviews

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Valentin T
LED Lights!

Recently ordered a set of these KN leds kits and I can say I’m truly satisfied with the product!
Super bright LED’s at night, I will be purchasing a kit for my fog lights soon!