35w Can-bus Ballasts

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The 35w Canbus ballasts are relatively slim design. They put out 35 watts of power and are available in a pair of 2 only.

Wattage: 35w
Current: AC
Warranty: Yes
Operating Life: 4000-6000hrs

Water Proof: Yes

The 35w Can-bus ballasts are a direct replacement for any aftermarket HID ballasts.

Why use Can-bus? In short, when a vehicle comes with a can-bus lighting system, it can cause problems when installing an aftermarket lighting kit, resulting in an error message on the dashboard, flickering, or no power delivery at all. A Canbus lighting kit will fix that.

In general, we recommend a Canbus kit for Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Ford, and VW. As these are the vehicles we tend to see that benefit from them. But they can be installed on any vehicle no problem.

If you own a 3rd-4th Gen Ram Truck, a relay harness may be required on top of these if the lights continue to flicker or cause problems.

Customer Reviews

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brennen h.

My lights look a little purple, rather than blue, but I'm still fine with them. The can-bus fixed the flickering and have done well in a 2003 Silverado. No problems yet!