Bi-Xenon HID Bulbs w/Relay

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Our HID bulbs when coupled with a quality 35w ballast produce over 3,000 lumens when used with a 5000k temperature, and 4,000 lumens when used with a quality 55w ballast.

This product is for a pair of HID bulbs only. You will require ballasts for the HID lights to work. Click here for ballasts.

Wattage compatibility: Up to 55w
Output: 3,200-4000 lumens (5000k bulb)
Temperature: Various available
Warranty: Yes
Operating Life: 2000-3000hrs +

Water Proof: Yes

Bi-Xenon bulbs are superior to your typical xenon low/halogen high kits (hi/lo) in the sense that they allow you to have HID's in both the low and high beam, rather than just the low w/ the high being halogen, which is what you get with your typical HID bulb.

Bi-Xenon's usually come with 3 wires per bulb, the -3 variant uses an electromagnet to change the physical position of the HID bulb for the low beam as well as high beam. This moving bulb adjusts the focal length and adjusts light output to a wide angle for high beam, and a tighter more focused light for low beam.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dalton sears
Decent lights

They seem to work fine but they are not the color that they are supposed to be. Kinda disappointed

Grant Baker
One thing

The lights are really bright and look amazing. Only problem I had was sometimes one wouldn't come on so I would have to turn my lights on then off again for it to come on.

William Diffy
looks great

the best service I've seen had my lights with in 72 hours now all I have to do is put them. so far great company.