55w Power HID Kit

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The 55w Power HID kit uses slim ballasts. 55w HID kits put out about 25% more light over 35w HID kits, significantly improving your visibility on the road. A must have for every driver who lives in a rural area or needs the extra light!

"10,000k 55w HID lights shown above"

Here at HID-Power, we prefer slim ballasts over the bulky 1.5" thick ballasts, they just take up too much real estate. The 55w Power kits are a plug and play design as well as water proof, no cutting or splicing required.

Wattage: 55w
Current: AC
Output: 4,000 lumens (5000k bulb)
Temperature: Various available
Warranty: Yes
Operating Life: 2000-3000hrs

Water Proof: Yes

"55w 10000k HID lights above on a Raptor"


"55w 5000k HID lights above coming from a Pontiac GTO"

Although 55w are brighter they come with a price, they wash out the color of the HID due to an increased power to the bulb (example: an 8000k might look like a 6000k) The added heat can potentially reduce the reflectivity inside housings, in some cases melt smaller plastic housings (which is why they are NOT recommended for fog lights) If you are looking for high quality long-lasting ballasts for a decent price, as well as the maximum of light output, this is the way to go.

HID lights are for every vehicle on the road, just be sure that you order the correct bulb size for your vehicle and that the kit itself will work with your cars electrical systems, some modern cars require relay harnesses or can-bus ballasts in order to work.

Customer Reviews

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Great product super bright!

Fast shipping and great product! I previously had the 35 watt on my 2014 Toyota Camry and they finally went out after 5 years! So I ordered the 55 watt this time and it’s a huge difference!! Much brighter and warm up faster!!! they look very nice!! So I ordered another pair for my 2013 Silverado! Can’t wait to get them and install them!!!

Arnaldo Rivas

Awesome deals and great!!! HIDs..love it!!!

Kyle Hennosy
Big upgrade from regular headlights

I ordered this HID kit when I first got my truck. It's 2002 7.3L f250. I ordered these lights and it changed completely from the stock headlights. My headlights now are brighter and my buddy's truck with 2 pods and projector headlights. I also have a 52in light bar and the light bar adds more light abvious lot but u can still the HID headlights lighting up the road. And when I don't have the light bar on people flash their brights at me at all the time, their that bright and do a great job of lighting up the road.

Daryl Muya
55w HIDs

Recently started running the 55w and they are way brighter than the 35w on my 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport. The 35watts weren't doing so well with the projector headlights on my vehicle and I'm extremely happy with the 55w results.

Jaime Ortiz
Recent purchase

Got the 55w 5K kit for my Honda Accord fogs and headlight awesome and bright. Got the 6K for my wife's pilot both kits are bright and efficient for driving at night. Will buy again