55w Can-Bus HID kit

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The 55w Canbus HID kit uses a relatively slim design. 55w HID kits put out about 25% more light over 35w HID kits, significantly improving your visibility on the road. A must have for every driver who lives in a rural area or needs the extra light! Since the purpose of artificial lights are to replace the sun, you want as bright of a light as possible, within reason. This kit will give you that.

"6000k color above on a GMC. Beautiful."

Wattage: 55w
Current: AC
Output: 4,000 lumens (5000k bulb)
Temperature: Various available
Warranty: Yes
Operating Life of bulbs: 2000-3000hrs
Operating Life of ballasts: 4000-6000hrs

Water Proof: Yes

The 55w Canbus kits are a plug and play design as well as water proof, no cutting or splicing required. Why us Canbus lights? In short, when a vehicle comes with a can-bus lighting system, it can cause problems when installing an aftermarket lighting kit, resulting in an error message on the dashboard, flickering, or no power delivery at all. A Canbus lighting kit will fix that.

In general, we recommend the Smart kit for Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes, Ford, and VW. As these are the vehicles we tend to see that benefit from them. But they can be installed on any vehicle no problem.

"10,000k brilliant blue using 55w ballasts"

If you own a 3rd-4th Gen Ram Truck, a relay harness may be required on top of these if the lights continue to flicker or cause problems.

Note: 55w ballasts will wash out the color of the HID due to an increased power to the bulb (example: an 8000k might look like a 6000k) The added heat can potentially reduce the reflectivity inside housings, in some cases melt smaller plastic housings (which is why they are NOT recommended for fog lights).

"6000k 55w lights low beams and fog lights (not recommended but it is done often without problems)"

HID lights are for every vehicle on the road, just be sure that you order the correct bulb size for your vehicle and that the kit itself will work with your cars electrical systems, some modern cars require relay harnesses or can-bus ballasts in order to work.

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Hayden Betzing
Damn good lights!

My 55W 8000K HIDs are working great in my F150 with Anzo projectors. Couldn’t be happier