Our warranty is 1 year beginning from date of delivery. All HID Bulbs, HID Ballasts, LED bulbs, and all other HID and LED components and accessories starting from date of product delivery are covered. Some of our LED's include a warranty void label - if it is ripped off, the warranty is void; no exceptions. Any breakage due to improper installation, shipping, or handling is not covered. As well as any breakage from vehicle accidents, or any type of impact, fire, severe water damage etc. HID-Power is not responsible for damages to automobiles resulting from use, misuse, or improper installation. Any charges accrued for removal, installation, or re-installation is not covered by this warranty.

Not sure what part is defective in your lighting kit?

Please refer to our Installation Page or YouTube Channel to make sure everything is installed correctly and more importantly, our Trouble Shooting Page to diagnose any potential problem/s or defective parts.

How it works:

  • Ship only the defective part to us along with the form at the bottom of this page (we only replace the defective piece, not the entire lighting kit). Note: Due to increasing postage costs over the last few years, we will no longer be offering free returns on warranty claims. This allows us to keep free shipping on our website with unchanged prices. In the unfortunate event that your product malfunctions right out the box (very rare), shipping is on us.


How do I set up an item for warranty?

Package your item and include the information inside the package from the form below. You can print and fill out or if you don't have access to a printer, just include the information on a blank sheet of paper. If this information is not mailed back with your return we may have no way of knowing who you are and what the item was returned for, and thus, no action will be taken on our part. Once your item is received on our end please give us 2 business days to look it over and send you the return shipping invoice for the new part/s.

Ship to:

HID Power

1117 Belton Lake Ave

N Las Vegas, NV 89086