Saab Bulb Guide

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Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light OEM HID
Saab 9-2x 05-06 H1 9005 9006 D2R
Saab 9-3 04-07 H7 H7 H3  
Saab 9-3 08-12 H11 H7 H11 N/A
Saab 9-3 SEDAN 99-02 H4 H1  
Saab 9-3 SEDAN 2003 H7 H7 H3 D2S
Saab 9-3 SEDAN W/HID 04-07 D2S H7 H3
Saab 9-3 SEDAN W/HID 08-12 D1S H11
Saab 9-3X CONVERTIBLE 2003 H4 H1 D1C
Saab 9-5 99-05 H7 H7 H1 D1S
Saab 9-5 06-09 H7 H7 H11 D1S
Saab 9-5 10-11 H7 9005 H10 D1S
Saab 9-7X 05-09 H11 9005 H11 D1S
Saab 900 95-98 H4 * H3  
Saab 9000 95-98 9006 9006 H3  
* The bulb listed in the low beam column is a dual filament bulb that contains both high/low beams.
X This vehicle has an HID option, check owners manual to ensure correct bulb type.