Return Policy

Customers are responsible for ordering the correct part for their vehicle. We have a bulb guide on our website that you may use for reference. However, even though a lot of time was put into our bulb guide to ensure 100% accuracy, it is possible some of our sources were inaccurate at the time of creating. And so we do recommend checking the owners manual, checking with your local dealer or auto parts store, or remove the bulb to visually check, if at all possible. Removing the bulb is a 100% must if you have aftermarket headlights, as the bulb size can change by doing so. There are also certain vehicles that will require a specific lighting system for it to work. It is up to the customer to inform him or herself on the proper lighting system for their vehicle. We have articles on our website discussing general guidelines, as well as email support. There are also many online forums discussing specific vehicles in detail. Be sure to visit our FAQ page for general guidelines.

Returns, Refunds, and Order Cancellations:

  • Exchanges are accepted on unused items as long as they are returned in the same packaging it was received in. If the original packaging is absent, dirty, or destroyed; there will be a 15% fee based on original cost of product received. Used or dirty items are not accepted, no exceptions. If you want to exchange an item. Do not place a new order and return what you wanted to exchange for a refund later. Our exchange process is listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping as well as re-shipment costs of new product.
  • Buyer has 30 days from date of product delivery to file an exchange.
  • Refunds not accepted for buyers remorse. Just do your research before you order. Use our website for general recommendations, and you can always email us with more specific questions.
  • There is a 3% fee to cancel an order. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee to cancel an order before it ships. This is because our email support and shipping department are separate and cancelling an order relies on email support seeing your cancellation request before the shipping department processes the order.
  • For Warranty claims click here


        To start the exchange, package the item/s you will be returning along with the filled out return form below. If you do not have access to a printer just write down on a sheet of paper the information asked of you so that we can process the exchange in an efficient manner. If you do not send the exchange form or similar in your return, we may have no way of knowing who you are and what the item has been returned for, and thus, no action will be taken on our part. Once your item has been received and inspected, we will bill you for return shipping of the new product as well as take into account any price differences of product. Once this is paid, we will mail your new item/s.

        Ship to:

        HID Power

        1117 Belton Lake Ave

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