Audi Bulb Guide

Once you find your bulb size, you can shop in the links provided below. For Audi's, we recommend a canbus HID kit, or a set of decoders for LED kits. Everything can be found in the links below:

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Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light OEM HID
Audi A3 06-07 H11 H7 N/A D1C
Audi A3 08-09 H11 H7 H11 D1C
Audi A3 10-16 H7 H7 H11 d3s
Audi A4 96-99 H7 H7 H1
Audi A4 99-01 H7 H7 H7 D2C
Audi A4 02-07 H7 H7 H11 D1C
Audi A4 08-12 H7 H7 H11
Audi A4 2013-2014 H7 H7 H11
Audi A4 w/HID 09-16 d3s N/A H11 d3s
Audi A5 08-09 H7 H7 H11
Audi A5 2010 H7 H1 H11
Audi A5 11-14 H7 N/A H11
Audi A5 2013 H7 H7 H11
Audi A5 w/HID 08-16 D3S N/A H11
Audi A6 95-96 9006 9005 H3
Audi A6 97-98 H1 9005 H3
Audi A6 99-09 H7 H1 H3
Audi A6 10-14 H7 N/A H11
Audi A8 98-99 H1 9005 H3
Audi A8 00-07 H1 H7 H3
Audi A8 08-09 D2S H7 H7
Audi A8 2010 D2S * H11
Audi A8 11-13 d3s H7 N/A
Audi CABRIOLET 94-98 H4 * H1
Audi Q5 11-14 H7 H7 H11
Audi Q7 08-09 H7 H7 H7 D1C
Audi Q7 2010 H7 H7 H11
Audi Q7 11-13 H7 N/A H11
Audi R8 08-12 D1C * N/A
Audi RS4 08-09 D1C * H11
Audi RS6 03-04 D2S H7 H7
Audi S3 15-16 d3s NA NA
Audi S4 00-01 N/A H7 H7
Audi S4 02-04 H7 H7 H11
Audi S4 05-06 D1C H7 N/A
Audi S4 07-08 H7 H7 H11 D1C
Audi S4 2009 D1C * N/A
Audi S4 2013 H11
Audi S5 2008 H7 H7 H11
Audi S5 13-15 D3S * H11
Audi S6 95-96 9006 9005 H3
Audi S6 1997 H1 9005 H3
Audi S6 2008 H7 H1 H7 D1C
Audi S6 09-11 D2S * H7
Audi S6 2013 D3S * H11
Audi S8 01-03 N/A H7 H3
Audi S8 2008 D2S H7 H7
Audi S8 2009 D2S * N/A
Audi TT 00-04 H7 H7 H3
Audi TT W/ HALOGEN 08-13 H7 H7 H11 D1C
Audi TT W/ HIDs 10-11 D1C * H1
Audi Q3 (non LED) 15-16 D3S NA H11
Audi SQ5 14-16 d3s na H11
* The bulb listed in the low beam column is a dual filament bulb that contains both high/low beams.
X This vehicle has an HID option, check owners manual to ensure correct bulb type.