HID-Power is an automotive lighting company founded in late 2014 with the intent to fill the gap we noticed in this industry. Everyone is so quick to sell HID lights now a days and with so many horror stories going around (horrible customer service, bad products etc.) it's getting harder to know who to trust and where to purchase from. We have come to put that to rest. Fast forward to now and HID-Power has been providing quality aftermarket lighting systems at an affordable cost to car and truck owners all over the world! We are all about hard work and putting our customers first. We are a small company, there is no big team with underpaid and uninspired employees. Here at HID-Power, the small group of us all care about you guys. We handle everything ourselves and nothing goes unnoticed. We strive to provide a fascinating shopping experience for everyone. We do this by getting to any unanswered emails ASAP as well as making sure all orders go out in a timely manner (same or next business day if possible). – We are based in Las Vegas, NV.

All of our HID and LED kits are 100% plug and play systems. No cutting nor splicing required. Water proof and dust proof.

We offer a wide variety of options to accommodate all vehicles and individual preferences. Please view our store page to see what we have to offer!

Since the purpose of artificial lights are to replace the sun, we only offer the brightest LED and HID kits in the market. Of course, there are lights we offer with less output than others to accommodate different drivers and environments. We carry HID and LED kits for all makes/models in a variety of colors!

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