High Power Reverse LED kit

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The point of artificial lights are to replace the sun. Because of this, we recommend all the lumens for your back up lights. How many times have you put your vehicle in reverse at late at night and wished you had more light? Well now you can. Here at HID-Power, we install the High Power Reverse lights in every vehicle. They are especially important for those who live in rural areas or for those of you with vehicles who do not have a back up camera, or back up sensors. At 500 lumens per bulb (2 bulbs in each kit) for a total of 1,000 lumens, you'll hopefully have enough light when you're backing up no matter where you are.

White Light: 1,000 lumens
Temperature: 6000k
Warranty: Yes
Water Proof: Yes
AMP Draw: 1200±10mA at 14 VDC

"Shot taken from the back up camera while pitch black outside" - Source: Customer

Don't know your bulb size? There are 3 ways to find it:

1. Pull the bulb out manually.

2. Check the owners manual.

3. Go here: https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/apps/vlrg-us/Vlrg/

Customer Reviews

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Best Reverse lights on the market


By far the brightest lights. I first got them about a yr ago for one of my vehicles. Since then I have put them in about 6 other vehicles. Also work in some cargo lights . Best brightest lights. Recommend them to everyone that wants brighter lights

AWESOME product!!

i replaced my cheap (walmart/amazon) LED bulbs with these in my aftermarket LED tail lights for my 2011 Nitro..... crazy bright!! awesome to see at night when pitch black and/or dark tinted windows also! already recommended a few guys to try them out

Great Gift

I bought a pair of these for my dad so he could put them in his truck. Not only does by Dad have 5% window tint on his windows, he also is starting to have stouble with his vision especially at night. He has thanked me so many times for giving him these. He says that he had no idea his reverse lights could be so bright! He is no longer nervous when trying to back up! Will buy again!

Best reverse lights for tinted windows

So if you read my reviews on the Apx titan leds, it says that it makes it look like it’s day light out in front of my truck. Well backing up use to be a problem, I have all my windows tinted at 5% makes it hard to see backing up at night, not only do these super bright leds allow others to see that I’m backing up easier, it allows me to see without rolling my windows down. And if I do roll my windows down it’s like a have a giant flood light aiming behind my truck! Best bang for the buck you can ever find