Sealed beam headlights?

A very common question we get is how come our vehicle bulb guide does not have "x" vehicle in it? Do you have a kit for it? Often times these vehicles end up being those with "Sealed-Beam Headlights" usually in a 7x6 size (also known as h6054). These headlights actually have a pre-installed bulb in there. It is sealed, essentially a part of the headlight. Some older vehicles come like this, so when a bulb goes out you simply purchase a new set of headlights with these pre-installed bulbs and you're good to go again.

What about those who want to upgrade their halogen bulb to an LED or HID kit? Well now you must find a 7x6 (or whatever size yours calls for) "Open-Beam headlight". These Open-Beam headlights are like regular headlights and you can replace and exchange bulbs as normal without having to replace the entire headlight again.

We currently do not sell these headlights, however with a simple google search you will find them and they aren't too expensive (depending what style you go with). Just be sure you are ordering the "Open-Beam" version as most out there actually "Sealed-Beam". Once you have these lights, you can then install a set of ours. These headlights use an H4 bulb size unless the new headlights state otherwise.