Bad HID or LED kit?

There are 4 parts to an HID kit.

2 bulbs and 2 ballasts (2 bulbs for an LED kit). In the case of a malfunction, it is typically 1 out of 4 parts. Very, very rarely have we seen 2 out of 4 parts defective. Let alone right out of the box. It is rare enough for 1 out of 4 of these parts to be defective right out of the box. So as you can see the common saying of "My HID is bad or doesn't work" doesn't have merit. As if you happened to have one of these parts defective out of the package you would have one light on and one light not working.

If neither of them turn on and without any intentions of wanting to, such as a flicker or some sort. Then there isn't any power going to the bulb and chances are it is installed incorrectly. Even if you had installed one of these HID lights in the past, not every installation and every kit will be exactly the same. There is a little trick where you invert the ballast plug (more info and pictures on our trouble shooting guide) that usually does the trick.

Also, since standard halogen bulbs do not require specific polarity, meaning the power and ground side of the bulb do not matter; with HID's or LED's, specific polarity is usually required, and so a plug can be flipped if it does not turn on the first time. This can be a problem with dual filament bulbs (H4, 9007, and H13) since they can only be installed one way, and since HID's and LED's are designed with the most common polarity configurations. But because polarity does not matter for halogen bulbs, some manufacturers are inconsistent with standard polarity configuration in the connectors. In this unfortunate situation, it is important not to blame the kit, and realize that the wires in the connector on the HID plug need to be switched from one side to the other. Note that manufacturer "errors" such as this are rare, but they do happen.

If you cannot get them to work, we recommend reaching out to us with your order # so we can take a look at the type of kit you purchased to see if it is the correct kit for your specific vehicle. Some vehicles require something a bit more unique than just a basic kit.

Since we are an online shop, we cannot be there in person or even install them for you for a fee. We back our products 100% and if something is defective we have no trouble getting a replacement for you. But, the consumer has to be able to realize that it is not the kit that is bad, it is a matter of re-assessing the installation strategy and ensuring one has the appropriate kit for their specific vehicle. Very rarely can you take a basic HID kit and install it in a new BMW or RAM and have it work flawlessly. In many vehicles sure, but European cars, Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, and Jeep usually require a different more expensive type of kit.

If you are having issues with your HID or LED kit feel free to email us using the contact page at the top of the page.